Hi I’m B. I’m currently a University student undertaking a degree in Arts, however this blog explores my struggles and challenges tackling health related issues.

I also post about other lifestyle related topics, music and movies.

Latest from the Blog

Journal Entry 35: the test, the feminist & Leo

I sit down at my desk wearing a smart casual blouse. I open my laptop and get ready for the test. I try my best to hype myself up but the anxiety proves to be too much. I answer the questions as best I can with the time I’m given. Overwhelmed, I finish feeling a…

Journal Entry 34: torn pages

Our lives are kind of like a book, they have a beginning and an ending. Most books have chapters, with many being written in chronological order and exploring themes of love, life, death, travel, food, religion, family, politics and more. Some books are short, other books may even have sequels. If my life were a…

Leonora. Click. Emergency.

I love Adam Sandler movies. I’m completely mesmerised by his storytelling capabilities. I recently watched his film Click which was a compelling and relatable film. The movies protagonist Michael (played by Adam Sandler), is a father and husband who is consumed by his job and obsessed with getting a promotion. Michael stumbles upon a universal…

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