Hi I’m B. I’m currently a University student undertaking a degree in Arts, however this blog explores my struggles and challenges tackling health related issues.

I also post about other lifestyle related topics, music and movies.

Latest from the Blog

Journal Entry 2: river

I really do love the water. Sometimes I just feel like I need an escape. There’s nothing better than dunking my warm body into the icy cold water. I love watching my hair drift, weightless, tangled and messy. Throughout my stay in Hungary, the Danube was there. I visited both Budapest and Vác and the […]

Journal Entry Day 1: the emotionally unavailable mum

I’ve decided to write a public journal to keep myself accountable and make sure I’m putting in the hard work towards self-improvement! Hope y’all enjoy my rants/thoughts/therapeutic essays I knew from an early age that my grandmother passed when my mother was 8. I was anxious for that entire year when I myself turned 8. […]

Life update: postgrad, work & new family member

Most of my friends know that I absolutely love studying. I’m hoping to graduate in July this year from my undergraduate arts degree. It’s honestly been the best yet most tumultuous period of my life. I feel like I’ve poured all my energy into this degree just to get the opportunity to do an honours […]

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