Leonora. Click. Emergency.

I love Adam Sandler movies. I’m completely mesmerised by his storytelling capabilities. I recently watched his film Click which was a compelling and relatable film. The movies protagonist Michael (played by Adam Sandler), is a father and husband who is consumed by his job and obsessed with getting a promotion. Michael stumbles upon a universal remote at Bed, Bath and Beyond, which ultimately gives him the power to rewind time and press fast forward on his life. This movie is essentially a commentary on his life and is supposed to be a valuable learning lesson for the protagonist to learn to cherish his family above work. The point of the story was to say that we shouldn’t desire to skip to the end of a chapter, but rather, enjoy the everyday moments with friends and family.

I recognise the controversy surrounding Sandler, especially those which claim he’s sexist, misogynistic and racist. Whilst as an individual I don’t necessarily believe he’s the greatest person to have ever lived, I believe his movies are powerful and moving. Take the movie, You Don’t Mess with the Zohan. This entire film is focused around the central theme of warfare in present-day Israel and its ability to perpetuate division and violence. The film explores Zohan’s journey to America as he desires to leave his military position for a job in hairdressing. My love for this movie stems from the fact that Zohan ultimately leaves Israel to live a peaceful life, away from violence and hatred. Zohan’s journey is one of acceptance of difference when he begins to work for a Palestinian hairdresser. Not only this, but Zohan breaks traditional molds of masculinity by starting a job in a typically feminine role, as emphasised by both his parents point of view and comments.

So, yeah. Adam Sandler probably isn’t the greatest person in the world. I’m not really fond of his desire to objectify women’s bodies in his movies. However, his films actually contain meaning. I’m not sure how to reconcile these mixed feelings, but I suppose there are varying degrees of ‘badness.’ Some people still watch Woody Allen movies, despite his predatory behaviours. Whilst I know I can never personally watch any of Allen’s movies ever again, I can perhaps understand how viewers would be reluctant to stop. I suppose it is up to informed viewers to decide how they engage with certain films.

I’m considering becoming a vegetarian again. I was a vegetarian for a few years back in high school and I genuinely believe it improved my health. Although you can have processed vegetarian foods, I believe it’ll promote my intake of fresh produce and fruits.

What baffles me about pregnancy is the fact a lot of people don’t realise you can be put on bed rest. Why can so much go wrong when it comes to having babies. Shouldn’t nature have made it easy? If biologically speaking we are just here to procreate, why make it risky, if not almost impossible for some couples.

I was sent to the emergency ward again. I stayed overnight but I’m supposed to monitor my symptoms. I’m so fatigued and tired, my body still hasn’t reset itself. Going to sleep during daylight feels odd, I suppose this is probably how most nurses and doctors feel.

Music playing in the background and it takes me back to my first night in Amsterdam. So jet lagged that when I got to my hostel, I showered and slept. I put on my apple earphones at the time and slept on a bottom bunk bed. I don’t know for how long I slept but when I arrived it was daylight.

I’d always sit in the first two rows in my English and math classes for my final year at high school. Graduating in 2017, when the world was a much simpler place, I look back and reminisce on my last year at high school. I read the books Burial Rites and Ransom at least 2 times each during the course of the year. They weren’t exactly my favourite books since I gravitated much more towards Alistair MacLeod’s Island. I reread most of his short stories at least 3 times each. To this day I think about his short stories, mainly, To Every Thing There is a Season, The Boat & Island.

I genuinely thought you were the smartest person to ever exist. I don’t know how we can quantify ‘smartness.’ Whilst grades can be a good indicator, it doesn’t really allow you to incorporate other aspects which form identity and therefore, allow you to make appropriate judgements on if they will make a good life partner.

Your childhood filled with music by the Beatles and Elton John. Blasting Bennie and the Jets in the Australian countryside where the vastness of green and yellow grass makes you feel whole. This is home.

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