flamin’ hot cheetos & Pete Davidson

The Game, Kanye West video

I love Pete Davidson. I’ve only recently started to watch him on SNL & watched his comedy segment on Netflix. I think we all have a thing for the funny guy, or at least Kim K and Ariana do. It’s certainly scary that Kanye West is so obsessed with controlling his ex wife that he’d go as far as threatening her new partner with the release of his new claymation video Easy. How tone deaf do you have to be to realise this is an actual threat and saying it’s a joke at the end of a 4 minute video doesn’t really make it less threatening. Alright that’s all I’ve got say. I love Pete Davidson and I genuinely hope he’s safe

I want some flamin’ hot cheetos. When I first got pregnant all I wanted was flamin’ hot cheetos. Ever get food cravings and it’s all you can think about?

I had a great conversation with my therapist. I do feel like this is a new chapter and the only person I can rely on is myself. I’m feeling a mix of emotions but in so many ways I am proud of myself. I feel confident in knowing I can do this on my own and that brings me so much peace.

I love listening to the rain. It’s magical. Just like the movie Singin’ in the rain.

I feel so much relief after talking to someone about what’s been going on. Talking to a therapist is talking to someone with an objective point of view. I can talk to someone knowing I won’t be judged and with the ease of knowing they aren’t in my everyday life. There’s so much relief in knowing that I can turn to someone external for guidance and advice so that I’m not completely aimless on my self betterment journey.

I’m sad. And that’s okay. I don’t really care if this piece is gibberish. Sometimes I just need an outlet and writing is that for me. I feel cold and alone but I know that I’m never really alone. I am lucky. Everything that’s happening in this world makes me feel so unsettled. Ukraine is falling. World leaders have failed us.

For now I’ll just embrace the sound of the rain and turning of the seasons. I’ll close my eyes and rest & hear the echoes of a heart beating.

‘“But there is no need to grieve. He leaves good things behind.”’ p217 – Island by Alistair MacLeod

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